Move AWAY from The Template. + The Shins, Frankie Rose, Bonobo, Polica…



 This week I stumbled upon at least 3 more music blogs that gave new album Spotify links, maybe a couple of SoundCloud links if you were lucky and benign remarks if any about the music itself. I have no illusions, I am fully aware that there are hundreds of thousands of music blogs out there – some of them are better (see my Ears I Trust Page on the Posterous site) than others, some don’t even bother to write anything, they just feed off the AOL music page or whatever (wtf?). As I listened to the new Shins album on DiS last week, that familiar feeling started whirring around in the pit of my stomach: f*ck I was bored. As it turns out, from a couple more plays of Port of Morrow (hey, I like The Shins – I wasn’t gonna write them off from one listen), it turns out the music was partially responsible for this but it is more than that.

 I’m currently in quite a weird ‘space’ as the self-help types would put it.  As I wait for cataract surgery (yes, those things the elderly and manky old cats have) and my vision deteriorates with each day, even frolicking round the internet for new tunes isn’t really as fluid an action as it was and I’m forced to be creative with how I do things, if you like. My life has the pause button on it, basically and as I’ve had to (temporarily, damn it) step off  the work-to-pay-bills-to-afford-to-work-to-pay-bills wheel, my addiction to the cycle of newness is fading quickly – the urgency, the hunger isn’t there anymore, leaving me weary to the whole music promo cycle. It just all feels as clinical as the apps pumping out playlists from the bits of info you feed them   = utterly automated. Which puts this blog up sh*t creek a bit really.

Who’d have thought that an album (specially that album) would end up being a metaphor for so much more, frankly. For me Port Of Morrow is a box-ticking, crowd-pleasing, mortgage-paying, Shins-by-numbers  album that 4 years ago I would probably have been well happy with. And, with sadness, I have to say it’s just not enough anymore.

As for this blog, well, for a bit things might be a bit shape-shifty I guess, stay tuned…

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Also, not out in the UK until April 23rd but cause of much SXSW-swooning is the debut from Polica