Bookmark for *those* days, your sense of humour most likely will be swiftly restored and you may well avoid getting in a punch up over some artisan quinoa fritters or whatever.

Thanks to my mate Lauren for reminding me about Say Anything, they’re back on the Emergency Playlist. Keep me sweet and maybe I’ll share that bad boy with you some day…

WTF, Internet: Educational Cover Versions

So I’m researching stuff for a client writing a study guide and on my internet travels I stumbled upon these. I can’t decide if they’re amazing or terrifying but I certainly feel out-randomed…¬†

String Theory sung to Bohemian Rhapsody


The Vikings sung to Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus (they’ve done loads - matters regarding the French Revolution all seem to be sung in Gaga covers, an obvious link I guess)

Possibly the best bit of the whole festival…